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海賊のリンジャ :: graphics

// no quarter

31 March
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  • rinja_pirate@livejournal.com

[ .a.k.a. ]

名前 // Rinja > リンジャ (= リンジイ + 忍者)
何此れ // This is a largely inactive graphics journal - mostly icons, some other graphics (LJ profile headers, banner tops, etc.) upon request.
doomcake = fandom journal
mizuumi_twitt = personal journal

[ friending | p o l i c y ]

Friend away~ I'll most likely friend you back, but I never check my friends page on this journal.

[ usage | p o l i c y ]

Credit is awesome - even more awesome when you leave a comment letting me know you've used something from this journal - but it is not required unless specified (especially in cases where certain artists/photographers/etc. need to be credited more than I do). If you do credit me, please credit as rinja_pirate. ♥

[ .c.r.e.d.i.t.s. ]

# layout overrides thanks to premade_ljs
# PotC:DMC+AWE graphics sources thanks to amethyststeam & dj_capslock
# Brush Credits:
[ ] seishido
[ ] obsidian dawn
[ ] 500ml brushes
[ ] photoshop brushes
[ ] scully7491 @ deviantART

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide with minor modifications; layout overrides by premade_ljs with modifications and header image manip by rinja_pirate